Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank you note....

Dear NGHS AP Psych students who worked hard to do well on this year's AP exam,

Thank you for spending the time to do the notes and homework. Thank you for asking great questions in class.

Thank you for laughing at my mediocre jokes. Thank you for coming to class and staying engaged even when you were tired and had other things on your mind.

Thank you for making this a great year in AP Psych. Thank you for doing your best on the AP Exam and proving you can do college level work.

Thank you for not eating your Freud lollipops at school.

With sincere gratitude and respect to all those who worked hard,

Mr. Cantor


_xxMAGALYxx_ said...

hey mr.cantor IM GETTiin A 5 ON MY AP.. IM 99.9% SURE

_xxMAGALYxx_ said...

mr cantor im getting a 5 i know it..lol..ok..bye

Saul M. said...

Thank you for making learning a lot of fun. Thank you for caring about us and on how well we did on the test. Before you say I should not thank you,well, its TOO LATE.