Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Height vs. Shoe Size and Hair Lenth Scatter Plots - Due Fri. Oct. 3rd

Blog Post Assignment #2 - Reading Scatter Plots and Understanding Correlations.

On your own academic blog please respond to the questions below each of the following graphs. You don't need to copy the questions, but you should write in complete sentences so your reader knows what you are talking about. In your post you should either copy the graph images from my blog or link to them in your post using the link button (it looks like a little chain link just to the right of the Text color button at the top of your "new post" window.) Be sure to e-mail me to let me know your blog post is up. Put your full name and "AP Psych" in the subject line and in the body of your e-mail.

Above is the data we collected about our shoe sizes vs our heights. Can you see a relationship? Is there a correlation? If so, is it positive or negative? Does shoe size cause height to change? Does height cause shoe size to change? Does correlation imply causality?

What can we see from this scatter plot of hair length vs. height? Is there a correlation? If so, is it positive or negative; strong or weak? What information about the students in our class does this graph give you?

(click on the graphs to enlarge)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reading Assignment Unit 3: Bernstein Ch. 3 Cornell Notes Due Wed. Oct. 1st

Read and take notes on the Biological Basis of Behavior, Chapter 3 in the Bernstein Text. Start making index cards of key terms and look over the study guide.

You will receive your official assignment sheet at our next class. This sheet will tell you which study guide exercises will be due on the 1st.

This is one of the most challenging chapters for many students. Read it a few pages each day to break it up and review as you go.

(image from http://www.ahaf.org/alzdis/about/AnatomyBrain.htm )

Monday, September 15, 2008

Quiz coming up this Friday, Sept. 19th.

The quiz will cover the introduction and history of psychology as well as research methods and basic statistics. If you study Bernstein Chapters 1 and 2 and our class notes you will be in great shape. Don't forget to use your flashcards to memorize key vocabulary words.

The quiz will be CLOSED NOTES, but please bring your notes and fill out your table of contents sheets so I can check them while you are taking the quiz.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Several people have still not finished creating their blog and posting their first assignment. If you follow the instructions carefully, you should not encounter any insurmountable problems.

If you have tried and still need help I will be available in room 125 on Tues. Sept. 16 from 3:00 to 4:15 to help. You can also ask one of the students who have already created their blog to help you or e-mail me with questions.

Be like Lassie, and get the help you need.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

History of Psychology Poster Project

Instructions: Work with your team to create a creative and professional looking poster that illustrates the role the following people and concepts have had in the history of psychology. While most of the important turning-points in the history of psychology are represented, this list is not complete by any means.

Plato, Democritus and Aristotle

Descartes and Dualism

Wilhelm Wundt and Structuralism

William James and Functionalism

Gestalt Psychology

Freud and Psychoanalysis

Pavlov and Conditioning

John B. Watson, BF Skinner and Behaviorism

Include important information such as names, dates, places, images, ideas and key concepts.

You may use your notes, books and the internet. Be sure to list all sources on one corner of your poster.

Useful sites:

Allpsych History Page

History of Psychology Timeline from the Federal University of Brazil

Encyclopedia of Psychology

History of Psychology from Shippensberg University

Amoeba Web: Psychology Links Page from Vanguard University of Southern California

History of Psychology Timeline from the Annenberg Project

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reading Assignment: Unit 2

Cornell Notes on Bernstein Text Chapter 2 : Due Monday, Sept. 15th

Note a correction on the Study Guide Written Assignments. I wrote that the written study guide assignments started on page 20. They actually start on page 36.

Reading Assignment : Unit 1

Cornell notes on Bernstein Ch. 1
Due Tuesday, Sept. 9th
Please see detailed reading assignment sheet from class.