Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chapter 8 Cognition and Language Assignment Due Monday Jan 5th

Read and take Cornell notes on Chapter 8 in Bernstein

Finish the two multiple choice practice tests from the study guide based on your assignment sheet.

It is also critical that you review and study Chapter 7 so you can remember what you've been learning about memory... don't forget to use elaborative processing to create semantic connections... We will have a quiz on Ch. 7 on Wednesday the 7th.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Memory Blog Post Assignment Due Tues. 12/16

R.I.P. H.M.

Read the article about the recent passing of Henry G. Molaison who for the past 40 years had only been known as "H.M." in the psychological literature. You will then create an original creative writing piece paying tribute to this tragic character.

Your post should be in the form of a short essay or other creative writing. So please DON'T copy the questions or number your answers, rather create a cogent short piece of writing which includes your thoughts on these points as well as any other you find important. You can write it as an essay or use forms other than prose to express yourself. You may write a poem or a song or even create a rap about H.M., but be sure to address all the required points.

You can do your writing in Word or another word-processing program and then copy and paste it into your blog if you don't have internet at home or if you want to bring a rough draft to the Owl's Nest writing center.

Here is your task:

Honor HM for allowing us to use his deficit to advance neuroscience. Thank him for the following:

1. Developing a new understanding of the role the hippocampus plays in memory formation.

2. Helping scientists understand the difference between explicit declarative memory and implicit procedural or "motor learning" memory


3. Make some personal connection to H.M. and his predicament. How do you think you would handle having his condition... do you think he even knew he had it?

Students will vote to select the best three pieces from our class which we will record and post as podcasts on the web.

Additional Info:
Listen to a story about H.M. from National Public Radio at the following link.

Our text discusses H.M. and shows a diagram of the mirror drawing implicit learning task on Pp. 328-329.

When you are done with your post E-MAIL ME to let me know to check your blog.

Good Writing!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exam on Monday, Dec. 8th - Chapter 6, Learning

Study your notes and Bernstein Ch. 6 on learning. Be sure to be able to describe and compare classical conditioning, operant conditioning and observational learning. Come up with some real-world examples of each and mnemonic devices for remembering key terms.