Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Final AP Psych Assignment - Record on Tuesday, June 2

You will work with one or two partners to create a 3 to 5 minute video segment for use in next year’s AP psychology class.

1. Select your partner(s) – work with someone you haven’t already worked with this year.
2. Select your topic – you may choose any part of any topic that we’ve studied this year. Be specific… don’t pick “biological psych,” rather, pick “the hypothalamus.”
3. Plan out and write your video script. You may use narration, dramatic skits, images, storyboards, animation, interviews, or any other form of expression as long as it gets the concept across to your audience.
4. We will film the segments during the class set aside for our final exam (Tuesday June 2nd) If you have a digital video camera you may bring it.
5. We will do any necessary editing after that class or I will do it over the summer.

If you are absent the day of shooting you will need to find a makeup time to do the filming, or do the filming on your own.

Some samples to give you ideas:
A tour of the structure and function of the hypothalamus – show pictures of and describe what different parts of the hypothalamus do.
A skit to show classical conditioning occurring… one student plays Pavlov and one student plays one of Pavlov’s dogs.
A reenactment of the Milgram obedience experiment.
A song or rap explaining the main functions of all the lobes of the brain and the divisions of the nervous system.
Mini-documentary about a mental illness that you or someone close to you has.

Scoring of assignment:

Demonstration of understanding of the chosen concept: 20 pts
Participation in and contribution to group effort: 20 pts
Originality and creativity of ideas and presentation: 10 pts

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Article assignment - due Thursday May 28th at 11:59 pm

Skim several of the articles from the "articles" section of this blog. Select one you would like to write about. Write a post on YOUR APpsych blog which includes the following: (15 points total)

As soon as you write your post, e-mail me to let me know to check your blog. If you are having trouble with your blog you may e-mail me your post (just cut and paste it into the body of the e-mail to avoid attachment issues)

1. Summarize the article briefly so that anyone reading your post would get the main ideas of the article. (3 pts)
2. Link to the article in your post and mention the author and source of the article. (2 pts)
3. Explain how the article relates to one or more concepts we studied this year in psych class. Be sure to use evidence to show how the article relates to topics we've studied. (5 pts)
4. Describe a personal connection to the article. You may use an example from your life or someone you know, or you may evaluate and critique aspects of the article. (5 pts)

Write your post carefully and proof read it before posting it to your blog.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank you note....

Dear NGHS AP Psych students who worked hard to do well on this year's AP exam,

Thank you for spending the time to do the notes and homework. Thank you for asking great questions in class.

Thank you for laughing at my mediocre jokes. Thank you for coming to class and staying engaged even when you were tired and had other things on your mind.

Thank you for making this a great year in AP Psych. Thank you for doing your best on the AP Exam and proving you can do college level work.

Thank you for not eating your Freud lollipops at school.

With sincere gratitude and respect to all those who worked hard,

Mr. Cantor

Monday, May 11, 2009

Final Class Review

We will do some fun review in our final class before the exam. We'll try to help those of us who are stressed out relax a bit and get to our optimal level of intellectual arousal.

One thing we will do is write songs/raps/poems based on the following assignment:

Musical / Poetic Psych Review assignment.

Your job is to work in a small group to write and perform a song or poem.

1. Include all the terms as well as the definition AND/OR an example which illustrates each term. Two or more terms can go in the same definition or example as long as it illustrates all the terms.

2. Try to have some fun with this and create some memorable lyrics or poems. Pick a song everyone knows and re-write the words to it… it can be as simple as twinkle twinkle or some pop song that all the “kids” are singing these days.

Group 1 - History
Behavioral Approach
Biological Approach
Cognitive Approach

Group 2 - Research
Random selection
Control group
Experimental Group
Operational Definitions
Double-blind Procedure
Placebo effect
Naturalistic Observation
Case Study

Group 3 – Biological A
CAT (CT) scan
MRI (fMRI) scan
PET scan
Central Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System
Autonomic NS
Sympathetic NS
Parasympathetic NS

Group 4- Biological B
Reticular Formation
Corpus Callosum
Lymbic System

Group 5- Biological C
Cerebral Hemispheres
Occipital Lobes
Parietal Lobes
Frontal Lobes
Temporal Lobes
Wernicke’s Area
Broca’s Area
Motor Cortex
Sensory Cortex

Group 6- Biological D
Acetylcholine (Ach)
Action Potential
Reflex arc

Group 7- Learning
Classical Conditioning
Operant conditioning
Positive Reinforcement
Negative Reinforcement
Schedules of Reinforcement

Group 8 – Cognition
Maintenance rehearsal
Elaborative rehearsal
Episodic memory
Procedural memory

Group 9 – Abnormal
Causes -Psychoanalytic
Causes- behavioral
Causes - cognitive
Causes - biological
Anxiety Disorders
Mood Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorders

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Review Documents

Our review documents can be found at the top of my website at

The review is broken into "part 1" and "part 2" based on when students got me their section of the review.

You can see another class' set of review documents at the following site as well (Thank you Mr. Schallhorn and class!!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"I'll Earn a Five" - to the disco tune of "I Will Survive"

This AP Psych song was written by AP Psychology teacher Cara Terry. It's a great review of key concepts and people. If you need the tune go to Youtube, iTunes or Amazon.

(FYI, "Clive" refers to Clive Wearing who has a serious case of anterograde amnesia. He appears to only have STM... about 30 seconds of memory. Absolutely no new LT memories are formed.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clive_Wearing

I'll Earn a Five

Thought I was afraid,
And was petrified,
My thinking Schactered all those
feelings that I had inside,
But then I changed the valence of
my emotions for this song
I grew strong,
AP psych had turned me on.
So now I'm here,
Ready to test,
And I know Pavlov’s UCR
And Little Albert’s UCS,
Bandura and his Bobo dolls;
Role-playing, Standford, Dr. Z;
Milgram worked with obedience
Gestalt orders what I see

Cerebellum: Balances me
The limbic system’s
Hippocampus aids in memory
I guess we’ve come a long way since phrenology
I’ve used mnemonics,
Problem-solved heuristically
I know that I
Will earn a five
I know of modes and medians,
And the STM of Clive.
Operate with Piaget;
Reflex: fight or run away;
I’ll earn a five.
I”ll earn a five

Hey, Hey

Superego, ego, id
Brain plasticity
REM, alpha waves
Schema, stranger anxiety
And I’ve spent such a lot of nights
Hoping someday to understand
I used to sigh
But now the test is nigh
And so it’s true
Call me Freud two
I know Festinger and Watson and
Flashbulb memory, too.
And so I feel like standing up
To say to people close to me
That I’m using all my knowledge
I’m no pigeon. I can see …
Chorus: (coda: I will survive and earn a five)

Almost there!

It's time to finish up your review assignments and review each chapter before the exam. Use the online resources I put on this blog... as I find more I'll put them up. The more you study and the better you study the more you will remember when the big day comes. Build that last personal study guide you can look at as you eat lunch the day of the exam. YOU CAN DO IT!

Other resources to use:

5 Steps to a 5 book
Flash Cards you made earlier in the year
Old Tests
Study Buddy! - Work with a friend... quiz each other, share mnemonics

Friday, May 1, 2009

Review Resources - Kick the AP Exam's Butt!

Check my website at http://mr.cantor.googlepages.com/appsychology for a link to a nice document for reviewing neurotransmitters

Don't forget the Sparknotes site we used as a diagnostic test. It is a 50 question practice test where you will get immediate feedback about which areas you need to work on. If you already signed in and did the test you can review your results. If you haven't done it yet... it would be a great place to start ASAP.

This is an awesome site where you can take more mini AP Psych practice tests that get instantly graded online. Do the first set of quizzes before a study session... do the second set after a study session... FEEL THE LEARNING. These mini AP Psych practice tests are a wonderful tool to review your weak areas.

Do your own personalized psych review for several chapters at this site http://www.thepsychfiles.com/mappr/ where you can see a "concept map" of a topic and click on any entry to hear an audio clip of the professor explaining the concept.

Here is an AP Psych flashcard site that a student at another school created. While your definitions might be worded differently, you can certainly check to see if you know the terms and have a good idea of the definitions.

Here is a site where you can play an online game to test you knowledge of the parts of the brain. It's definitely worth doing at least once or twice before the exam.