Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Final AP Psych Assignment - Record on Tuesday, June 2

You will work with one or two partners to create a 3 to 5 minute video segment for use in next year’s AP psychology class.

1. Select your partner(s) – work with someone you haven’t already worked with this year.
2. Select your topic – you may choose any part of any topic that we’ve studied this year. Be specific… don’t pick “biological psych,” rather, pick “the hypothalamus.”
3. Plan out and write your video script. You may use narration, dramatic skits, images, storyboards, animation, interviews, or any other form of expression as long as it gets the concept across to your audience.
4. We will film the segments during the class set aside for our final exam (Tuesday June 2nd) If you have a digital video camera you may bring it.
5. We will do any necessary editing after that class or I will do it over the summer.

If you are absent the day of shooting you will need to find a makeup time to do the filming, or do the filming on your own.

Some samples to give you ideas:
A tour of the structure and function of the hypothalamus – show pictures of and describe what different parts of the hypothalamus do.
A skit to show classical conditioning occurring… one student plays Pavlov and one student plays one of Pavlov’s dogs.
A reenactment of the Milgram obedience experiment.
A song or rap explaining the main functions of all the lobes of the brain and the divisions of the nervous system.
Mini-documentary about a mental illness that you or someone close to you has.

Scoring of assignment:

Demonstration of understanding of the chosen concept: 20 pts
Participation in and contribution to group effort: 20 pts
Originality and creativity of ideas and presentation: 10 pts

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