Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"I'll Earn a Five" - to the disco tune of "I Will Survive"

This AP Psych song was written by AP Psychology teacher Cara Terry. It's a great review of key concepts and people. If you need the tune go to Youtube, iTunes or Amazon.

(FYI, "Clive" refers to Clive Wearing who has a serious case of anterograde amnesia. He appears to only have STM... about 30 seconds of memory. Absolutely no new LT memories are formed.)

I'll Earn a Five

Thought I was afraid,
And was petrified,
My thinking Schactered all those
feelings that I had inside,
But then I changed the valence of
my emotions for this song
I grew strong,
AP psych had turned me on.
So now I'm here,
Ready to test,
And I know Pavlov’s UCR
And Little Albert’s UCS,
Bandura and his Bobo dolls;
Role-playing, Standford, Dr. Z;
Milgram worked with obedience
Gestalt orders what I see

Cerebellum: Balances me
The limbic system’s
Hippocampus aids in memory
I guess we’ve come a long way since phrenology
I’ve used mnemonics,
Problem-solved heuristically
I know that I
Will earn a five
I know of modes and medians,
And the STM of Clive.
Operate with Piaget;
Reflex: fight or run away;
I’ll earn a five.
I”ll earn a five

Hey, Hey

Superego, ego, id
Brain plasticity
REM, alpha waves
Schema, stranger anxiety
And I’ve spent such a lot of nights
Hoping someday to understand
I used to sigh
But now the test is nigh
And so it’s true
Call me Freud two
I know Festinger and Watson and
Flashbulb memory, too.
And so I feel like standing up
To say to people close to me
That I’m using all my knowledge
I’m no pigeon. I can see …
Chorus: (coda: I will survive and earn a five)

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evilllmi said...

i love this song, i'm going to sing it during the exam tomorrow. hehehehe.

my teacher wrote some too

good luck to everyone! we'll earn a five!