Friday, May 1, 2009

Review Resources - Kick the AP Exam's Butt!

Check my website at for a link to a nice document for reviewing neurotransmitters

Don't forget the Sparknotes site we used as a diagnostic test. It is a 50 question practice test where you will get immediate feedback about which areas you need to work on. If you already signed in and did the test you can review your results. If you haven't done it yet... it would be a great place to start ASAP.

This is an awesome site where you can take more mini AP Psych practice tests that get instantly graded online. Do the first set of quizzes before a study session... do the second set after a study session... FEEL THE LEARNING. These mini AP Psych practice tests are a wonderful tool to review your weak areas.

Do your own personalized psych review for several chapters at this site where you can see a "concept map" of a topic and click on any entry to hear an audio clip of the professor explaining the concept.

Here is an AP Psych flashcard site that a student at another school created. While your definitions might be worded differently, you can certainly check to see if you know the terms and have a good idea of the definitions.

Here is a site where you can play an online game to test you knowledge of the parts of the brain. It's definitely worth doing at least once or twice before the exam.

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