Saturday, April 18, 2009

Unit 17 & 18 Social Psychology

Chapter 17 and 18: Social Cognition & Social Influence… Last big reading assignment of the year!!!!

NOTE: the AP exam is coming up on May 12… Keep using your “5 Steps to a 5” to review chapter by chapter. Start making flash cards and figuring out which chapters you will need the most work on.

Bernstein Text Reading assignment:
Social Cognition Ch. 17 Pp. 673- 705 – Notes and Study Guide due Fri. 4/24
Social Influence Ch. 18 Pp. 706-745 - Notes and Study Guide due Tues. 4/28

Quiz on Ch. 17 and 18 on Tues. 4/28

Read and take Cornell Notes – Be sure you understand and can define all the Key Ideas listed at the bottom of this post!

Bernstein Study Guide Chapter 17 & 18 Start on P. 495
1. In your notes, do Fill in the Blanks P. 502 (ch 17) , 531 (ch 18) and answer it without looking at the book or your notes. Then check your answers. For each wrong answer, write the correct answer and be sure the information is in your notes.
2. Do one multiple choice sample quiz from each chapter. Ch. 17 Quiz 1 on P. 506 and Ch. 18 quiz 1 on P. 535 Do each quiz without looking at the book or your notes. Then correct them and review so you know the material. Remember, the goal is to find out what you know vs. what you don’t know, and then review so you know it all.

Key Ideas:
Social Psychology, Social Cognition, Temporal and Social Comparisons & References, Self Esteem, Self Concept, Identity, Self-Schema, Self-fulfilling Prophecies, Attribution Theory, Fundamental Attribution Error, Biases in Attribution, Cognitive Dissonance, Self Perception Theory, Stereotype, Prejudice, Discrimination, Contact Hypothesis

Norms, Deindividuation, Social Facilitation, Social Impairment, Conformity, Compliance, Obedience, Aggression, Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis, Environmental Psych, Helping Behavior, Altruism, Bystander Effect, Empathy-Altruism, Cooperation, Competition, Conflict, Social Dilemma, Zero-Sum Games, Leadership, Groupthink.

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