Saturday, April 18, 2009

Unit 12 - Human Development

Reading assignment:

Bernstein Text Chapter 12 Pp. 450-505

Bernstein Study Guide Chapter 12 Starts on P. 346
(You will be graded for completing and correcting them, not for how many you got right. – This is a learning activity where you should evaluate what you know and learn from mistakes)
1. Skim outline and key terms: Pp. 346-355– Make sure you know underlined terms and that they are in your notes. -- Note examples and mnemonics
2. In your notes, do Fill-In-The-Blanks on P. 355-356 Write the question and answer it without looking at the book or your notes. Then check your answers. For each wrong answer, write the correct answer and be sure the information is in your notes.
3. Do BOTH multiple choice sample quizzes that start on P. 360 Do quiz 1 first check and correct it, review the notes then do quiz 2 and check it. Remember, the goal is to find out what you know vs. what you don’t know, and then review so you know it all.

Key Ideas: Prenatal development, Newborn senses & motor skills, Piaget’s Theory – Piaget’s stages of development, Childhood Development, Object Permanence, Social & emotional development, Temperament, Attachment, Erik Erikson’s Theory – Erikson’s stages of development, Parenting styles, Adolescence, Adulthood

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