Friday, September 11, 2009

Unit 1 Reading assignment due Sept. 14 (a) and 15 (b)

We will be checking the notes and study guide assignment for Unit 1 - Introducing Psychology on Monday Sept. 14, and Tuesday Sept. 15. Be sure to follow the instructions on the reading assignment sheet which can be found with our other documents on Our AP Psych site. Bring your flashcards to class so I can check those too.

If you are a new member of the class and you don't have a textbook, please let me know as soon as possible. I have already notified the school and we are trying to fix the problem. In the mean time, if you have a study guide, use that as much as you can and find a "study buddy" who has a book you can share.

Finally, If you were given a copy of the book, "5 Steps to a 5" please bring it to school so we can return it. Those books will be used in the classroom and should not have been signed out to students.


Violet Gallardo said...

Do you complete the study guide questions in your notes or do we complete them seperatly to turn in?

Mr. Cantor said...

The Study Guide questions are to be done to turn in on a separate sheet.

Big Bird said...

i don't have the study book or textbook but i have the phineas gage book by john fleichman!!

Mr. Cantor said...

Hey Big Bird,

You should always sign your name to comments.

We're working on getting books for students who don't have them. For now, find a study buddy in the class so you can share their book.

Mr. C

Anonymous said...

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