Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unit 2 - Research Methods Due 9/30 (a-day) 10/1 (b-day)

Reading assignment notes check (10 pts)

Study Guide assignment (10 pts)

Flash Cards assignement (10 pts)

Objectives (think about these as you read):

1. What methods do psychologists use to learn about behavior and mental processes?

2. How is “Critical Thinking” important for psychological research?

3. What role do theories play in psychological research?

4. Describe and compare the following research methods: Naturalistic Observation, Case Studies, Surveys, Correlational Studies, Experiments.

5. Explain the ethical issues in using human and animal subjects for psych research.

6. What statistics do psych researchers use?

7. What are the ethical guidelines psych researchers must follow?

Bernstein Text Chapter 2 Pp. 27 - 57

Read and take Cornell notes based on your reading instructions. Write down how long it takes you to complete the reading and notes so you can know what to expect in terms of studying for future chapters.

Bernstein Study Guide Chapter 2 (starts on P. 26)

1. Review the chapter based on your reading instructions.

2. Key Term Flashcards: All terms 2 – 35 (yes, really)

3. Additional Flashcards: Family Studies, Twin Studies, Adoption Studies, Five important ethical guidelines for psych research.

4. Written assignments to turn in on separate paper with full heading. Copy the questions and write the answers. Check your answers and grade your paper before class. Write the correct answer for each one you got wrong.

Concepts and Exercises No. 1: Q 1-8 (matching on p. 36)

Multiple Choice Sample Quiz 1 Q 1-20 (starts on p. 38) – just write the letter for each question, you don’t need to copy these questions.


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