Thursday, November 21, 2019

Unit 6 - Ch 5 - Perception... how we make sense of our sensation

Reading Notes Due: Tues. Nov. 26
MEANINGFUL Flashcards Due: Tues. Dec. 3
Concept Map Due on Wed. Dec. 4
Quiz Friday. Dec. 6  Monday Dec. 9 

See assignment sheet for Key Ideas! 

Hank explains the distinction between sensation and perception... Thanks Hank!

See how top-down processing affects perception... Can you count how many passes the white-shirted players make in this basketball video? (It's on YouTube, so it may not work in school. You can get to it at home on this link if the embedded video doesn't work)

Which way is this dancer spinning?

Clockwise or counter clockwise?
This site shows you how the illusion works

Which is the front and which is the back of the Necker Cube?

Perceptual illusions aren't just optical. There are also tactile (touch) and auditory illusions! Andre found this very interesting video about some types of auditory illusions. 

Subliminal messages? How effective are they?
Democrats accused Republicans of putting a subliminal message into this Bush campaign commercial? Do you think it was intentional? Do you think it would have an effect? Click here if the embedded video isn't working

Light constancy... our expectations and experience shape what we think we see.

A mashup of optical illusions... see how many you can relate to concepts we're learning about  

Cognitive Scientist Beau Lotto studies color perception in humans and bees.
Here is the link if the embedded video isn't working for you.

Apollo Robbins is a skilled pick-pocket who shows us a thing or two about attention.

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