Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Unit 14 - Personality Blog Post - Due by 5:00 PM on Sunday 3/20/15

In this assignment, you'll find how you rate on the  big 5 (O.C.E.A.N.) personality inventory.


Take this "Big Five" personality inventory and then post a comment on this post about it (see below for instructions about your comment.)

You can post your results by copying and pasting the HTML code at the bottom of the Big 5 results page into your comments. Write about your results and what you think about them. Was this test accurate or not. Ask someone who knows you what they think and write about their view as well. (you can see my comment about my Big 5 results) Leave your post as "anonymous" but sign it with your FIRST NAME and LAST INITIAL only. Remember, comments are moderated, so it will not show up right away.

Take the Big Five Personality Inventory here :

Big 5 personality results
These are Mr. Cantor's results... do you think they are accurate?

The cartoon is for entertainment purposes only...  you must click the link
above the cartoon to take the Big 5 Test.

Hank talks Rorschach and the Freudiens ... what do you see here? 

Speaking of Freud.... you can take a Freudian Personality Test here. (just hit "next" on the first page to start)
My results are below... hmmm... I guess answering "I never want to grow up" a couple of times had a big effect on this very unscientific test. 
Freudian Inventory Results
Oral (50%) you appear to have a good balance of independence and interdependence knowing when to accept help and when to do things on your own.
Anal (46%) you appear to have a good balance of self control and spontaneity, order and chaos, variety and selectivity.
Phallic (50%) you appear to have a good balance of sexual awareness and sexual composure.
Latency (63%) you appear to be afraid or averse to present or future real world responsibilities, this will only make your inevitable transition more difficult, so learn to deal with the real world.
Genital (63%) you appear to have a progressive and openminded outlook on life unbeholden to regressive forces like traditional authority and convention.
Take Free Freudian Inventory Test
personality tests by

...and measuring personality.... 


Anonymous said...

I think my results for the big five personality test were accurate, but I think theirs more aspects to my personality than just those traits.

I'm a O24-C64-E22-A63-N76 Big Five!!

Brianna G.

Anonymous said...

I'm a O24-C58-E79-A14-N87 Big Five!!

I believe that this questions were really broad, not sure if it really does work. I know some of the answer or results it gave me sounded like me, but I cant tell if it was because I believed it or because the test made me believed that about myself. Maybe a test with more specific question would work best since not everyone reacts to the same things or situations at the same way or the same way every time.

Roa, Daisy.

Anonymous said...

This test was fairly accurate. My score for agreeableness was the only one that I questioned. The people I asked agreed that that category wasn't accurate.

-Lorena L.

Anonymous said...

Above is the link to my results. I feel like the test was very accurate for me. I am a calm person and tend to be quiet and alone. The questions were not too personal and easy to answer.
Gabriel S.

Anonymous said...

Valeria G.

For my personality test it that I "prefer traditional and familiar experiences" to me it doesn't actually seem like me since I also like to get out of my comfort zone ounce in a while. The next one that surprised me also was how it says I "Tend to do things somewhat haphazardly". Which again I disagree with since I am disorganized at times I can be dependable and I'm not negligent either. Yet I did agree how it said "shy away from social situations" since I can be shy when meeting new people or just in times in which I don't really want to talk or have no reason too. Another that I agree with is "good natured, courteous, and supportive." In which I can be that's actually what my friends tell me that I am really supportive and caring when they need someone to talk to or to just listen to their problems.
With the last category I also agree with what it says since I do tend to anxious and nervous a lot and it can be about anything sometimes, but I do certainly agree with this one. While I do agree with most of them there are some that I also don't agree with but over all is somewhat my personality.

Unknown said...

I'm a O16-C58-E64-A79-N37 Big Five!!

As I looked at my results, it fairly seemed reasonable. Under the category of Open to Experience/Intellect it said, I prefer traditional and familiar experiences, which is true. I'm not used to trying new things as in experience wise. I feel more comfortable with things I already know how to do or even know of. Changing that might make me feel different and awkward. Apparently I am neither organized or disorganized, according to the category of conscientious, which is funny because I actually believe that. I sometimes like to be neat. There's times where I do prefer things a certain way. At first, I keep things organized and over time everything is disorganized and I'm okay with it. I'm not bothered by things being organized or disorganized. I don't have a certain way where I like things permanently. So I see how I don't fit under either. Under extroversion, I'm seen to be social and enjoy the company of others which is partially true. I'm not social, but I love having other people around. I don't like being lonely or being alone. The company of others makes me happy and less bored. Indeed I do tend to consider the feelings of others. I have a soft spot for others. I'm not conceited or selfish. I don't just think about me. I think that others' feelings are just as important as mines, so therefore, I should put theirs into perspective before I tend to my happiness. Partially, I am generally relaxed and sometimes I'm not. My mood changes so often that I hardly do get to feel relaxed, but when I do, it's amazing. It feels great not to always worry and stress about school, I like the idea of being relaxed and calm in my own zone (my bed). I feel happy and more motivated to do things. So I asked my boyfriend what he thought of my results and he jokingly said its full a crap; to him I'm apparently mean and rude. He said its true that I'm not the type to try new experiences that I'm too dull. He wishes I was more open minded to trying new and fun things. He also said that I do like the company of others and sometime it upsets him because I invite along so many people to hang with usthat he wished he had alone time with me. The company of others doesn't suit him. Overall, he said I'm too hyper and that me being calm or relaxed doesn't describe who I actually am.

Sheila B.

Anonymous said...

I believe my results to be accurate. I couldn't have explained my personality any better. I asked people who are close to me whether these results best fit me and they agreed. I caught myself questioning whether I should put agree or strongly agree, but majority of the time I didn't have to question myself twice. I'm happy with these results because now I can explain my personality type as precisely as possible.

Kyleah L.

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with my scores. I feel like this test is super accurate, and I feel like I am well organized and open minded. I tend to stay calm, relaxed, no matter the situation and that's what the text figured about me. Although, I tend to be more quite and shy I am extremely reliable and promising. One thing that I did learn about my self is that I am very considerate of others feeling, which is something I've never payed mind too!

Sergio Gonzales
Period 2

Anonymous said...

I find my results pretty accurate. I like to seek new experiences although not too often. Sometimes I like to stay in my comfort zone. I totally agree with the conscientiousness part because I consider myself to be a reliable person. I'm in between an extrovert and introvert. I'm a kind person and tend to be patient in many situations. I asked people that know me about my result and the also agreed with them. I say that the test is an accurate test as to what it's testing.

Elizabeth. G

Anonymous said...

My results from this test were somewhat right. It said that I don't seek new experiences but I do it just depends on what type of experiences.It also said that I'm well organized and reliable which I think it is true. It also said that I enjoy quiet time alone which pretty accurate. I don't like to be much around nosy and crazy environments, well it depends on the situation. It also said that I consider other's feelings which I do. Sometimes I worry more about others than myself. And the results also said I tend to become anxious and nervous but not necessarily. I only become anxious when I have a lot going on at once and I feel I no control of it.

Sandra F.