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Unit 14 Personality Blog Post Assignment - Due by end of day on Sunday.

Unit 14 - Personality Blog Post - Due 3/22/15

Find how you rate on thebig 5 (O.C.E.A.N.) personality inventory.


Take this "Big Five" personality inventory and then post a comment on this post about it (see below for instructions about your comment.)

The cartoon is for entertainment purposes only...  you must click the link
above the cartoon to take the Big 5 Test.
You can post your results by copying and pasting the HTML code at the bottom of the Big 5 results page into your comments. Write about your results and what you think about them. Was this test accurate or not. Ask someone who knows you what they think and write about their view as well. (you can see my comment about my Big 5 results) Leave your post as "anonymous" but sign it with your FIRST NAME and LAST INITIAL only. Remember, comments are moderated, so it will not show up right away.

Big 5 personality results
These are Mr. Cantor's results... do you think they are accurate?
Hank talks Rorschach and the Freudiens ... what do you see here? 

Speaking of Freud.... you can take a Freudian Personality Test here. (just hit "next" on the first page to start)
My results are below... hmmm... I guess answering "I never want to grow up" a couple of times had a big effect on this very unscientific test. 
Freudian Inventory Results
Oral (50%) you appear to have a good balance of independence and interdependence knowing when to accept help and when to do things on your own.
Anal (46%) you appear to have a good balance of self control and spontaneity, order and chaos, variety and selectivity.
Phallic (50%) you appear to have a good balance of sexual awareness and sexual composure.
Latency (63%) you appear to be afraid or averse to present or future real world responsibilities, this will only make your inevitable transition more difficult, so learn to deal with the real world.
Genital (63%) you appear to have a progressive and openminded outlook on life unbeholden to regressive forces like traditional authority and convention.
Take Free Freudian Inventory Test
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...and measuring personality.... 


Anonymous said...

(HTML pasted below)
I'm a O84-C52-E91-A87-N22 Big Five!!

My Big Five results were not that surprising to me.

I'm in the 84th percentile for Openness. I'm pretty open to new experiences... I've had about 7 different careers and am I just finished a masters in a slightly different field than I'm in.

I'm in the 54th %tile for Conscientiousness. I work pretty hard, but can be disorganized. There are times I start projects and don't finish them...partly because I'm always distracted by something new to do.

I'm in the 94th %tile for Extraversion. Duh... I get up and talk in front of people all day. I like to interact with others and tend to be pretty talkative. I'm not what anyone calls shy.

I'm in the 87th %tile for Agreeableness. I'm pretty easy to get along with... just ask my wife. I do respect other people and their beliefs so that makes me relatively agreeable.

I'm in the 22nd %tile for Neurotisism. This seems a bit low. I'm kind of nervous at times. I'm a little obsessive with keeping some things clean around my house... if someone leaves the cap off the toothpaste... AARRRGGGHHH!!! I think I'm more neurotic than the test said I am. (just ask my wife)

Overall, the test was pretty accurate for such a short simple test.

Mr. C

Anonymous said...,611,718,583,312,34&dem=1990,f,bc&id=37796831

My results were accurate, except for the openness. It says I'm in the 12th percentile, meaning I don't really like change and would rather familiar things over something new, but I like new experiences.

52 percentile for conscientiousness which is accurate. I'm neither organized nor disorganized, sometimes messy, but I'll clean my mess when I get tired of looking at it.

74 percentile of extroversion. I pretty much talk to everybody. New people aren't a bother or a trouble for me to talk to. I'm very social.

32 percentile with agreeableness, I find it easy to let others know about irritation. VERY accurate. I'm definitely gonna let somebody know when I'm bothered.

14 percentile in neuroticism, I stay calm in intense situations. This is kind of accurate becuase wtih certain things I can stay calm, where other things it's obvious I'm stressed, but I don't freak out.

Sara Medina

Jaslyn A said...

Your results are at,611,656,611,375,a4&dem=1990,f,bc&id=37797331.

My results were pretty accurate.

For Openness it's right, I am an athlete and prefer to be in things that involove being active.

For Conscientiousness It's right, I can be lazy at times, but also hate a mess and just have to clean it.

For Extroversion It's right because I am very social.

For agreeableness It's right I will tell a person that I'm irritated by them and its hard for me to forgive.

For Neuroticism It's right I'm not thoroughly calm. I get mad very fast.

Jaslyn A

Anonymous said...

My Big Five results were surprisingly accurate.

My percentage for openness was 2, meaning I'm more closed minded, and I don't really like things to change. This is somewhat true, depending on the situation.

My percentage for conscientiousness was 86. This was very accurate. I'm a very organized person and reliable as well.

Overall, the test was very accurate for being short.

Gabby A

Anonymous said...

My Big Five Results were:

I'm in the 41st percentile for Openness. I'm somewhat open to new ideas, but according to my friend I'm "open to new ideas and opinions".

I'm in the 41st percentile for Conscientiousness. I feel like I'm somewhat organized, very reliable and ethic but not so organized.

I'm in the 37th percentile for extroversion. Often around new people I'm a little shy, but once I feel comfortable around them I tend to be energetic and talkative.

I'm in the 63rd percentile for Agreeableness. According to my friend I'm "nice and friendly". I also forgive people easily, but I'm a competitive person and I always find myself critiquing others.

I'm in the 32nd percentile for Neuroticism. I'm anxious about school related things like grades and feel slef-pitying when I do bad at school but other than that I'm a little carefree- maybe a little too much.

The test seems pretty accurate too me. I'm usually like this even though that in some cases I may be more or less in some of the personality dimensions.
Leonardo M.

Anonymous said...

My results...,638,437,722,5,30&dem=1990,m,79&id=37797491

I'm in the 84% for openness. Indeed, I like to try new things.

I'm in the 58% for conscientiousness. I disagree with this because I feel like I am pretty organized... well with my priorities.

I'm in the 27% for extroversion. I do tend to be quiet at first with new people, but once I get comfortable I'm very talkative.

I'm in the 63% for agreeableness. I disagree with this because I consider myself as being very forgiving.

I'm in the 43% for neurotisism. I do tend to get nervous when I have to make a big presentation but I get over it.

It was somewhat accurate but I cant really agree with most results.
Grisel Lopez

Anonymous said...,777,406,722,5,90&dem=1990,f,bc

I believe my results were pretty much accurate, except my result on openness.
I don't believe that a test will tell you much about your personality because when it comes to different situations there's times where you react differently. One of the questions asked me if I'm creative and I answered that I strongly believe that I am because I would consider myself to be a creative person, but when my results were given to me I had a 30% on Openness. According to the results if you have low scores on openness you're uncreative. That was one thing I wasn't quite sure about. That 30% also meant that I'm more of a traditional person than open to new experiences.

Overall my scores were:

-Opened to experience / intellect : 30%
-Conscientiousness : 82%
-Extroversion : 22%
-Agreeableness : 63%
-Neuroticism : 43%

One of the scores I was quite happy and sure about was Conscientiousness. My 82% showed that I prefer having a plan, instead of being spontaneous.
And that I'm very well-organized, and can be relied upon. I would considers that to be the most accurate. I do try to have a plan so I can get some sort of guidance and I can definitely be relied upon.
I asked various friends and they said that I'm always there to help them when needed.

I told my sister about my scores and she said that they're accurate. We kind of went back and forth on my openess score and she stated that there's times where I am open to new experiences and other times when I'm not. So I guess the 30% is in the range of where I stand.

Yulissa M.

Anonymous said...

I believe my results were accurate for the most part. I took the test twice and both of the results came out to be almost identical.In my opinion I think the questions were useful in order to figure out a person's personality. One of the questions that I was asked was if I tended to be nice and helpful with others. I immediately clicked on the highest bubble number because, I do believe I'm helpful with many.

Openness to Experience/Intellect:35%

When I first took my test I scored a high percentage for Neuroticism. I don't agree with it because I'm not a person to get my feelings hurt really easily. For the second time I took it, the results were that I had a low percentage; it matched me more. Overall it was a great experience to find out about my personality.

Jacqueline E.

Anonymous said...

My Big Five results are the following:

Openness to Experience/Intellect: I’m on the 47th percentile. I would agree on this because I am working on being more open to new experiences. I believe I would have placed in an ever lower percentile a few years back. Overall, I like consistency and not really comfortable with new experiences unless they are daring.

Conscientiousness: I’m on the 58th percentile. I would not agree on this because I am actually really organized. Like I said before, I like consistency and order. I am very reliable, careful, and self-disciplined.

Extraversion: I’m on the 42nd percentile. I would agree on this because I do tend to be quiet at times, but this is another thing I am trying to improve on to be more sociable and talkative.

Agreeableness: I’m on the 90th percentile. I would agree on this because I am forgiving; I don’t see why there’s a need to hold grudges. For the most part, I am sympathetic and courteous to others. I always try put myself in the other person’s shoes when there’s a disagreement.

Neuroticism: I’m on the 49th percentile. I would agree with this because I tend to be nervous only during specific situations. But then again, in my neutral stage I am calm. Yes, I have stages ranging from neutral to super saiyan 4.

Miguel E.

Anonymous said...

I'm a O4-C69-E64-A97-N27 Big Five!!

The big 5 personality test was interesting to take,but I was surprise when my Openness to Experience/Intellect score was a 4%,according to the score it is saying I am a close minded person that's not open to new experiences. However, I am a person that is VERY open to new experiences and I love to try new things. The more experience the better i'd say. the score is also telling me that I am uncreative! On the other hand, I truly consider myself very creative. I could assuredly say my family and friends are my witnesses. I really like to think outside the box when it comes to arts and crafts, making a poster,greeting cards, baking, etc. My Conscientiousness score was 69%; I agree with the score because is not a high score nor a low score for a person that could be bit disorganize at times but is reliable. Extraversion score was 64%, I could also agree with the score because I am relatively social and I do enjoy the company of others very much; but there are times when I would like to be quiet.The Neuroticism score was 27%. My highest score was Agreeableness with a 97%. It told me that I am good-natured, courteous, and supportive.

Daisy. R

Anonymous said...

Openness to Experience: I scored a 30%. I would agree with this because I'm not much of a creative person. I tend to go along with what people say. Also, I'm a conventional person; I like to follow traditions.

Conscientiousness: I scored a 74%. I would agree with this scored because I feel like I'm a reliable person, and when I put my mind into thing, I could be organized. I feel I'm also self-disciplined because as a child my parents always taught the right ways to behave, and I grew up that way.

Extraversion: I scored a 18%. I would have to agree a bit. I do tend to shy away from big crowds, especially when talking in front of a stage. However, once I get to know the person I'm more open to them.

Agreeableness: I scored a 79%. I would agree because I tend to be forgiving, even though I try not to be. I also considered people's feelings and I try not to be rude to them, even though at times I could have a bad side.

Neuroticism: I scored a 27%. I would agree because I'm a relax person. AT times I do worry, especially when I don't get things done on time. I'm not very secure some times because I do doubt myself.

-Patricia M.

Anonymous said...

I'm a O80-C52-E37-A57-N66 Big Five!!

My Scores:
Openness to experience/Intellect: 80%
Conscientiousness: 52%
Extraversion: 37%
Agreeableness: 57%
Neuroticism: 66%

I agree with the score I received for Openness to experience/Intellect. Even though I feel like at times I have narrow interests and conventional, I am curious about the world around me and I've been told I have a complex character.

Regarding my score for conscientiousness, I disagree with it. I feel as if I am disorganized but I am self-disciplined and careful when it comes to most tasks.

I agree with the score I received for Extraversion. I do tend to shy away from social situations and keep my distance from large crowds. Though, I am friendly and respectful to everyone. But, of course with the right people, I am talkative and sociable.

Though I do like to believe that I am forgiving and good natured, I'm often (secretly) critical and harsh. Not necessarily critical of others, mostly of myself and my actions. So, I agree with the score I received for agreeableness.

And lastly, I completely agree with my score for neuroticism. I am extremely high strung and I worry SO MUCH. I am insecure about every action I take.

Mirna C.

Anonymous said...,611,843,777,562,5b&dem=1990,f,bc&id=37827031


I am in the 70% percentile of openness. i think that i am relatively open to new ideas and opinions. that is why i am finding it hard topic a college.

I am in the 89th percentile of conscientiousness. I think that i am a little disorganized sometimes, but i also know when i have to put things in order.

I am in the in the 89th of Extroversion. I like to be involved in various things at a time,and try different things like: painting, dancing, and exploring new places.

I am in the 74% of agreeableness. Although sometimes it takes me longer to forgive people i always end up forgiving them. I respect everyone as long as they respect me too.

I am in the 55% of Neuroticism. i react differently for each situation. Although i am usually calm i can be pretty nervous at times.

Mariana D

Anonymous said...

I'm a O65-C69-E37-A93-N11 Big Five!!
My big five results were somewhat surprising to me
For Openness to experience/intellect I got 65% it say I am relatively open to new experiences. I can be very creative when I like something and curious about many things. So I do agree with results in this section.
For Conscientiousness I got 69 % it says I am well-organized, and are reliable. . I agree and disagree with this percentage because I can be much disorganized at times but I also like to organize my things. I believe am very reliable with things also.
For Extroversion I received 37% and infers that I tend to shy away from social situations.. I agree and disagree with this statement I do enjoy spending time alone sometimes it helps me to organize my thoughts and to get things done. But I also enjoy trying new things.
For Agreeableness I got 93% it also says I am a good-natured, courteous, and supportive. I agree with this statement and can be supportive to people who need my support.
For Neuroticism I got 11% and says that I probably remain calm, even in tense situations. I agree with this because I believe I can handle situations pretty well.
This test pretty accurate

Anonymous said...

I'm a O7-C35-E86-A8-N37 Big Five!!

My Big Five results were pretty accurate.

In openness to experience/intellect I received 7 percentile. If you score low you tend to be conventional meaning typical. I believe is pretty accurate towards me.

In conscientious it said I was at 35 percentile. If you score high you tend to be well organized. I believe is true due to the fact I always try my best to stay as organized as possible.

In Extroversion I received 69 percentilen which it said you tend to be sociable. I infer is true because I tend to interact as much as possible with others.

In Agreeableness I got 36 percentile it said you tend to be unsupported in other words. I believe statement is mostly true towards me because most of the time I tend not to agree if I don't find it reasonable.

Lastly in Neuroticism I got 20 percentile it said I tend to be explosive. Which I believe is true because I'm a very short temp person.

I found this test to be pretty accurate.


Anonymous said...,638,593,694,343,54&dem=1990,f,bc

This test was mostly accurate and the reason why I say that is because I don't particularly agree with the openness to experience/ intellect. I got a really low score. I got a 5% and I really don't mind change. Low scores on this topic means I'm uncreative and I think I am creative.

For conscientiousness I got a 58% and I agree with it because I am very well organized. I don't like to be unorganized. I like to plan out what I have to do and I lay things out so I don't forget. I am a reliable person. If you tell me to be somewhere at a certain time, oh I'll be there.

I also agree with the extroversion (olive oil haha) because I got a 53% and high scores tend to be really sociable, friendly and fun loving. I consider myself to be really outgoing and talkative. I like to interact and be fun.

I completely agree with the agreeableness because I am really forgiving. I used to be able to hold grudges but now I'm not so cold hearted anymore. I got a 57% here and I do consider people's feelings before I do anything.

Lastly, for neuroticism I got an 18%. Pretty low and I can see this being me. I am really calm even in tense situations. I know how to act and I know that if I wanted to I could make up something and go along with it and make it sound believable.

Other than the openness, the test was pretty much accurate for me.

April A

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a O41-C69-E59-A63-N22 Big Five!!

My results were pretty accurate.

Openness to Experience: I scored a 41 percentile. According to this, I do agree with the percent because there are times where I would like to seek new experiences, but there are times where my lazyness beats me leading me to just go along with whatever happens in life.

Conscientiousness: My score was a 69 %. I strongly agree with this score because I'm a well-organized person. I hate to have a mess specially in my house when it comes to family or friends coming over.

Extraversion: My score in this section was a 59% and I sort of agree because I can be social at times. I tend to be quiet at first but once I get comfortable with someone that's when I become more talkative (social), otherwise, I won't.

Agreeableness: I scored a 63% and I really agree with this percentage because I believe that in order to love, we must learn how to forgive.

Neuroticism: I scored a 22%. I agree with the score because my family is always the type who worries about things too much. I'm the type to be more relax and I honestly don{t know why.

Mariana Z.

Anonymous said...

I'm a O80-C17-E9-A22-N93 Big Five!!

I've taken this test before and the results from this test are pretty much the same as the first one. I wasn't really baffled with the results since I'm pretty much aware of where my boundaries lie within the ares of OCEAN.

Openness to Experience/Intellect: 80%
-I really love discovering new places and things, and also doing things I've never done before. I guess I like to say, "Oh yeah, I've done that one time," or "Yeah I've been to that restaurant!"

Conscientiousness: 17%
-I'm extremely disorganized. Sometimes it prevents me to start or finish certain things.

Extraversion: 9%
-I like being alone most of the time, and sometimes my family makes fun of me for it, and they say things like, "Oh she's alive? She came out of her room?" It's funny really, but I like interacting with people when I'm in the mood for it. I just find it hard to start a conversation with others because of the fear or saying something wrong or stupid. I like talking to new people though. But being alone isn't as bad as people make it out to be. You discover new things about yourself, you reflect and think about important decisions.

Agreeableness: 22%
-I'm very reserved, and most people can attest to that seeing that I don't speak very often. However, when I'm with people I know very well or am comfortable with, my "true colors" shine through and I open up. I do respect others if they respect me.

Neurotisism: 93%
-I worry and stress a lot about things, which makes me a nervous person.

Carolina K.

Anonymous said...,777,531,638,468,9d&dem=1990,m,79&id=37796661

Most of the results were slightly true while others where head on.

For Openness to Experience my percentile was 47. And I thought it was wrong because I like to try new things.

For Conscientiousness my percentile was 82. I was satisfied by this because I do think that I’m organized and could be relied upon.

For Extroversion my percentile was 42. It’s true because I tend to be quiet at first but once I get to know a person I become more social.

For agreeableness my percentile was 44. I think it’s true because I am capable of forgiving someone it just takes some time because I tend to hold a grudge at first.

For Neuroticism my percentile was 37. I think it sounds about right. I’m never really nervous unless I’m under a lot of stress. Otherwise I tend to be in a relaxed state of mind.

I’m not sure what to think of it. I hate taking tests and since it’s on personality it feels as if I’m being judged before anyone can get to know the real me.

Diamond M.

Anonymous said...

I'm a O20-C41-E37-A74-N49 Big Five!!

I'm in the 20th percentile for Openness. I believe this is somewhat inaccurate because in school I am shy

but I think once I get comfortable with people I tend to speak out more and outside of school I am a

different person.

I'm in the 41th %tile for Conscientiousness. I work hard I can be sometimes organized and sometimes

disorganized and I think that I am very dependable. I also tend to get distracted very quickly which is why

I sometimes don’t do my homework in time.

I'm in the 37th %tile for Extraversion. This is somewhat accurate because I could be shy at some times but

when I need to talk I do so.

I'm in the 74th %tile for Agreeableness. I'm really easy to get along with. I like to make as much friends as

I can and avoid enemies. 

I'm in the 49 the %tile for Neuroticism. This is accurate because I could be nervous at times but I learn

how to calm down to deal with the things that make me nervous like test or meeting new people or doing

presentations in front of a lot of people.

Overall, the test was pretty accurate for such a short simple test.

I'm a O20-C41-E37-A74-N49 Big Five!!

Edmundo S.