Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer Assignment Parts 3 and 4 - Due on Tuesday 9/8

Part 3 Due the FIRST day of class Complete all the study-guide questions for “Phineas Gage” by John Fleischman in your AP Psych Notebook. 

Part 4. Due the First day of class:  Read AND take Cornell Notes and make Flash-Cards for chapter 7, MEMORY, in the Bernstein psychology textbook. You will keep these notes and flashcards all year and use them as you study for the AP Exam, so have a good notebook or binder that will last all year. The main thing to do when you take notes is ORGANIZE the information in such a way that it makes sense to you. Write questions and your own thoughts about the material as well as headings and subheadings in the left column of your notes. The more you can connect this material to information you already know or experiences you’ve had, the better you will learn and understand the material.

We’re reading Ch7 first because many students have said that it helped them learn to memorize new terms and concepts. This knowledge will help you all year and beyond. Review the Key Ideas listed below to be sure they’re in your notes, flashcards and brain.

Key ideas from Memory Unit / Chapter 7:
Encoding, episodic vs. semantic and procedural memory, explicit vs. implicit memory, maintenance and rehearsal strategies to improve memory, various models of how memory works such as PDP and Info Processing, understand the difference between sensory, short term, and long term memory, compare recency and primacy effects, understand what affects memory retrieval, understand the limits of eye-witness testimony, Herman Ebbinghauss , compare retroactive and proactive interference,  compare retrograde and anterograde amnesia,
*****Use mnemonics and distributed practice to learn all this stuff and know why you are remembering and forgetting.

It’s also a great idea to skim through the textbook to familiarize yourself with the topics we’ll be learning all year. Jot down questions you have on sticky-notes and put them in your book so you remember to ask them when we get to the unit.

On the first day of class be prepared to discuss the Phineas Gage book as well as Chapter 7 of the Bernstein text.

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