Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More review resources and a reminder...

Don't forget to sign up for Learnerator... follow the instructions I gave you in class to get the special NGHS discount.  http://www.learnerator.com/ap-psychology This is a great resource to practice and learn what you don't know. REALLY!!! USE IT!!!!

Use the AP Psychology Score Calculator http://appass.com/calculators/psychology to see what it takes to get a 3, 4 or 5. Move the sliders and hit "calculate" to see the score.

REMINDER: The creative review assignment is due on the 25th.... at least a rough draft.

Creative Project for AP Psych Review     Project due April 25th – 

You may work alone or with up to a total of 3 people.
  • Pick any content from any chapter and make a video that will help your fellow students understand and remember the psych knowledge.
  • The psych knowledge in the song should be accurate, but you may get creative and have fun with it.

1. Write a Psych Song;
  • Pick a song that most students will recognize or write your own song. It can be a nursery rhyme or any genre of music. (It must be at least a chorus and 3 verses)
  • Write new lyrics that relate to psych in the song. You can use any topics in psych from any chapter. The song must have AT LEAST 5 psychological terms used correctly.
  • You must e-mail and turn in a hard copy of the song with the name of the original song and artist on the top of the paper, your new lyrics and the names of all group members.
  • If I can find a karaoke version of the song I will buy it and you can perform the song for the class. – If you are writing an original song you can send me a track or bring your instrument.

2. Make a Psych Video
  • The video must be between 2 and 4 minutes (not including credits) and contain AT LEAST 5 psychological terms used correctly.
  • You should e-mail me the video and/or post it on YouTube so I can show it in class and link to it from our blog.
  • Credits should include the names of all participants and a list of all sources used.

3. Do some Other Creative Project

  • You can use performance, stand-up comedy, painting, comics, sculpture, poetry, blog, animation, dance, spoken word, mime… to show what you know and teach it to us
  • The piece of art must include AT LEAST 5 psychological terms used correctly
  • Check in with me for approval of your idea by April 11th

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