Thursday, January 2, 2014

Unit 8 Cognition and Language

 Reading assignment:
Bernstein Text Chapter 8 Pp. 275-319
Notes Check and Flash Cards: Mon, Jan 6                      
Unit Quiz: Friday. Jan 17
COMPREHENSIVE FINAL on Tuesday Jan. 21  - (units 1-8)

Read and take Cornell Notes: Make connections! Put in your own words! Write examples, mnemonics.

Key concepts:
Cognition: Evoked Brain Potentials, Formal and Natural Concepts, Prototypes, Schemas, Scritps, Mental Models, Cognitive Maps, Rules of Logic, Propositions, Syllogisms, Formal and Informal Reasoning, Algorithms, Heuristics including Anchoring,  Representativeness, and Availability, Mental Set, Functional Fixedness, Confirmation Bias and other biases.

Language: Grammar, Phonemes, Morphemes, Syntax, Semantics, Surface and Deep Structure of Language, Babbling, Telegraphic Speech

Video about Heuristics: (at )

Video about Algorithms (at )

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