Thursday, January 2, 2014

PsykTrek CD-ROM Review Project

The PsykTrek CD-ROM is an interactive course in psychology. It is like a textbook with audio, video and animation. You can use it to review units we’ve already covered, approach our current units in a new way and preview units we haven’t hit yet.

The AP EXAM is on Monday May 5th  You must have this assignment done by Friday April 4th. Out of the 56 mini quizzes on the CD you need to do at least 30 during that time. You get to pick which units you want to do and which parts of each unit you want to quiz yourself on. – I suggest using it to review before our Jan 22 Final Exam and then throughout the year.

When you use the CD you will register your name and e-mail address. You will also put in my name as Mr. Cantor and my e-mail address as When you take the quizzes the results will be e-mailed to me. Please also record each quiz in the chart below. You must retake a quiz until you have at least 90% in order for it to count. This is an “all or nothing” assignment. If you do at least 30 successful quizzes this will count as a perfect score on an exam worth 50 points. If you do fewer than 30 successful quizzes it will count as a zero.

If you don’t have internet or a CD drive at home you can use the library or a friends house, but you are responsible to do this work outside of class. If you have a computer, but no internet access, you must record evidence of completing each quiz. You can take a screen shot of your results, or print the results page if you have a printer – you can then bring in a USB drive with the screenshots or turn in the print-outs.

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