Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Discovering Psychology Videos - Biological Bases of Behavior

While these videos are slightly dated, they are still a great overview of the biological basis of behavior.

These are the third and fourth videos in the Discovering Psychology series. Short descriptions and links to the videos can be found below. They are from the series website.

Would you let this man handle your brain? 

3. The Behaving Brain  
This program discusses the structure and composition of the brain: how neurons function, how information is collected and transmitted, and how chemical reactions determine every thought, feeling, and action. With Dr. John Gabrieli of Stanford University and Dr. Mieke Verfaellie of Veterans Medical Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts. Updated. View it here. 

4. The Responsive Brain 
How the brain controls behavior and, conversely, how behavior and environment influence the brain's structure and functioning are the focus of this program. With Dr. Michael Meaney of McGill University and Dr. Russell Fernald of Stanford University. Updated. View it here. 

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