Thursday, April 11, 2013

REVEIW REVIEW REVIEW... Review Resources

Here are some great psych review resources for you. 

Video clips of mini-lectures along with quizzes about just about every chapter we cover in our course. 

Dr. Philip (looks a bit like Satan) Zimbardo's "Discovering Psychology" TV series. Click on the  VoD to see the videos. 

Mr. Schallhorn, an AP Psych teacher in California, put together a great set of YouTube videos you can use to review for AP Psych. His YouTube channel is at the following address. 

Do you TWEET?

Search for the #appsychreview hashtag to see what sorts of questions other students are asking... and see answers from real AP Psych teachers from around the nation. You can also post your own questions to twitter and get answers. Please don't post questions that you should just look up in your book or on Wikipedia... don't ask "who is Piaget?" but do ask "how do I remember Piaget's stages of cognitive development?"

You also have your AP Review Books, your PsykTrek CDs and the thousands of flashcards and pages of notes you've created this year.

As you find other resources, please e-mail them to me at ptdworkin-cantor at or post them in the comments section of this post.

Do you like electronic flash-cards? Do you use Apps? You might like which has tons of electronic flash-cards and even a smartphone app. Just type "psychology" into the search box (I want to learn "this") and go for it. You can sign on to get a free account using your facebook account or any e-mail account.

You can find other psych based apps at There are also links to Android apps there. Some are free, some cost money. Check the reviews carefully before spending your cash. I have not tried them out yet, so if you find one you think is great, please share about it in the comments section of this post.

Remember, the best way to study is to actually quiz yourself (or have someone quiz you) to see what you remember... then try to re-learn what you didn't remember. Use mnemonic devices... create meaning - SEMANTIC CONNECTIONS!... draw pictures, come up with examples! Just reading over your stuff, or just watching a video isn't enough. 


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Carlos P suggests "Brain Games" a show on National Geographic TV. I've never seen it, but the website is at