Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Assignment

I appreciate all the hard work people did to get their blogs up and their first post done on time. I'll be reading and commenting on your posts starting on Thursday.

One thing I've noticed is that about half of our students seem to think that using standard academic English spelling and punctuation is optional. It is not. When you type your blog posts there is a spell checker button at the top of the screen. The icon for the spell checker is a little check mark with the letters ABC above it. Use this tool, and be sure each word is the one you want and not a correctly spelled word you don't.

You can also type your entry in "Word" or some other program which has a spell checker and have a friend or family member help you proof-read your entry before copying it to your blog post. Once school begins I can help you proof entries after school or during lunch and you can also get help in AVID, but for now do your best.

Keep reading Phineas Gage and get started on the textbook reading and don't forget to have some fun this summer too.

Mr. C

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