Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010-2011 Summer Session

32 students came to our AP Summer Session! Students discussed why they took the class, and the main answer was that people think the topic of psychology is interesting. We brainstormed about what we know or think we know about psychology. Click on the word collage below to see more clearly what NGHS students imagine psychology to be before they take AP Psych.

Students also received their summer assignments and picked up their books. If you were unable to come to the summer session please go to our documents page (link on the upper right of this blog) and find the syllabus and summer assignment. You will also need to call NGHS to find out when you can come in to pick up Phineas Gage and the two Bernstein Psychology books.

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Mr. Niebuhr said...

how cool! way to go, mr. cantor!