Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Personality Assignment :The Big 5

Chapter 14 is about personality. Use Costa and McCrae's Trait approach to take a personality test.

Take this "Big Five" personality quiz to see where you rate on the big five... O.C.E.A.N.
Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism.

If you'd like to see my scores you may click on the link below.

Please comment below to explain how accurate you think the results were for you. Where were they right on, where were they way off? If you are comfortable posting the link to your results please do so. IN ADDITION to the above assignment, feel free to comment about how accurate you think my results were, or do the test based on your impressions of a friend or relative and explain how accurate you believe those results were.

Be sure to include your first name and last initial along with your AP Psych period number in your comment, so I can give you credit for it.


Lety. said...

Hello Mr. Cantor.
I agree with the results i received in my Personality Test. They were highly accurate. I was a bit surprised with my results in Agreeableness; thought i would score higher. Overall the test results were not way off and described me well.

-Leticia. V
1st Period

I'm a O16-C58-E48-A22-N43 Big Five!!

Laura said...

Hey Mr. Cantor!,

My results were super accurate.
I enjoyed doing that personality test.

*Laura Aguas -1st Period

I'm a O70-C95-E79-A96-N3 Big Five!!

Luis said...

Luis C. 7th Period

I was amazed to see that I would tend to not find new experiences. Then I thought about it and realize that it had some truth behind it. Other than that the test was dead on to the person I am.

KevLawliet said...

Hey Cantor, got my results, I think I agree with them, didn't quite understand the BBQ sauce question, or the occupation ones, as I do not work.

-Kevin A.

I'm a O95-C2-E74-A22-N49 Big Five!!

NG owls. said...

So, my results say I'm closed in; I really doubt that. but my results in Agreeableness are fair enough, I think im foregiving and kind. It was fun to find out about my personality in a different view other than my own view.

-Brenda M.
1st Period Psych.I'm a O24-C35-E74-A79-N22 Big Five!!

NG owls. said...

Hello Cantor, this test was really cool. It says I'm Closed in though, something I can disagree to. However, the results on my agreeableness are pretty accurate, I see myself as kind and forgiving. It was interesting seeing another view of my personality aside of my own.

-Brenda Muñoz♥
1st Period A.p Psych.I'm a O24-C35-E74-A79-N22 Big Five!!

cynthiac16 said...

At first I disagreed with all of my results but then I thought about it for a second and realized that all of it was correct! I guess for once one of these test actually works!

Cynthia C.
1st Period

I'm a O0-C25-E31-A32-N80 Big Five!!

mexico0805 said...

Hola Senor Cantor,
I say that the results from the personality test were really accurate.So i think that this test really works.

Jesus Alvarez; 7th period

Marcos said...

Marcos T. 1st period
I think the result were fairly right. Each one was very accurate on my personality, except for Conscientiousness. Which said I was a messy person with a percentile of two, but I'm for the most part an organize person.

The problem with the test is that the person taking it must be honest and find the precise choice, when answering each question.

I'm a O76-C2-E3-A38-N90 Big Five!!

Stephanie said...

Hi Mr. Cantor

I found this personality test to be interesting and accurate in some areas. For example in Extraversion I find myself to be around the middle. However I still enjoyed to learn more about my personality.

-Stephanie H. ( 1st period)

I'm a O5-C83-E15-A87-N14 Big Five!!

Amanda Detres said...

Mr. Cantor:
I agreed with my results, even if some of it was hard to face...but yes it was pretty accurate. I was pleased to see that I'm not that neurotic, even is it said I find it easy to express irritation...i liked how they sugar coat things like that.... Well, i was pleased....thats about it. =]

---Amanda Detres 1st
I'm a O93-C64-E79-A38-N27 Big Five!!

maria gallardo said...

Hello Mr. Cantor,
The results were very accurate about my personality. I was just somewhat surprised for my results on neuroticism but overall i agree with the rest.

Maria G.
1st period

I'm a O70-C94-E74-A87-N22 Big Five!!

maria gallardo said...

Hello Mr. Cantor,
The results were very accurate about my personality. I was just somewhat surprised for my results on neuroticism but overall i agree with the rest.

Maria G.
1st period

I'm a O70-C94-E74-A87-N22 Big Five!!

Jasminka_xD said...

so of what is said may be me but i think i should take it again
but i get this
I'm a O20-C41-E37-A44-N37 Big Five!!

tony said...

Antonio B. Per.7

Im surprise to find my results to be quite accurate. The only part of the test that was somewhat off was Neuroticism. I think im more of a worrying person. other than that, the results were fine.

I'm a O24-C30-E31-A94-N37 Big Five!!

Cristina Coss said...

Hello Mr. Cantor,

I agree with the results from my Personality Test. I just as well as other agree that the result were very accurate. i was shocked at a few areas but for the most part i agreed. Cristina C.

ana_moya252 said...

Hey Mr. Cantor,i would agree with my results on the test. I was pretty surprised that it said i was disorganized.Which I don't think i am. For most of the results i would say that it had me down pretty good> here are my results.

-Ana Moya
1st period

Haydee Quinones said...

Haydee Q. Period - 7th

Well I must say the results on my Personality Test was right on the money! I was shocked when they were really close to how I would describe myself.Nothing really shocked me big time. To be honest I thought it would be all wrong but I was the wrong one.

As for you Mr.Cantor yours were right but your Conscientiousness kinda shocked me. Then again it understanding since you have little children to watch over. Our Neuroticism is actually the same...AWESOME.!!