Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review Tools

Review Study Guides and Exam Tip-Sheets

Go to the following link for review sheets prepared my former NGHS students as well as tip-sheets on succeeding on the AP Psych Multiple Choice and Free Response Questions.

Topic Outline from the College Board

These are the major content areas covered by the AP Psychology Exam, as well as the approximate percentages of the multiple-choice section that are devoted to each area. Areas like Biological and Cognition certainly deserve a good review... but don't skip other important areas like Sensation/Perception, Motivation and Learning. You should also do a thorough review of Research Methods since it often shows up as an important part of the FRQs.

You can see more detail about each topic at the College Board's Site


Use this site to take a 50 question practice test. It will point out which topic you need to study most for the AP Exam. You need to register on the site to get access, but it is free and VERY worth it. Once you know your areas of weakness you can be sure to use your review book and other materials to improve your knowledge.

Sparknotes also has an online review guide at:


Use this audio review tool to get ready for the AP exam. Click on one of the main topics such as Biological Psych or Personality Psych and see a concept map for a visual representation of the topic... then (here is the cool part) click on any of the subjects within the topic and hit the "play" button to listen to an explanation of each of the subjects.


This site was created by AP Psych teachers and students and has hundreds of online flashcards you can click through. Look and the definition and see if you can remember term.


The AlleyDog psychology glossary can be very helpful. Have you read a term in the text that you just don't understand? Try in in the glossary to see if another definition makes sense to you. You can always Google the term and see what Wikipedia says about it, but AlleyDog is more authoritative.