Monday, January 25, 2010

Memory Links

The following links will give you more information and insight into the story of H.M. and his anterograde amnesia as well as the controversial implications of the fallibility of eye-witness testimony. There is also a link which provides a great mnemonic device for remembering the 13 colonies which will give you an idea of how to create excellent mnemonics for yourself.

National Public Radio (NPR) story about H.M.

New York Times (NYT) Obituary of H.M.

Hartford Courant story about studying H.M.’s brain,0,976422,full.story

Frontline Documentary “What Jennifer Saw” about mistaken eye-witness ID.

Interview with Elizabeth Loftus concerning eye-witness testimony

Psychology Today article about Elizabeth Loftus

Mnemonics – 13 colonies and more

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