Monday, October 5, 2009

Research Methods Quiz - Thurs 10/8 (a) and Fri 10/9 (b)

The ~ 30 question multiple choice, closed note quiz will cover Bernstein Chapter 2 and our class work on research methods.

Study Bernstein Chapter 2 and all your class notes about research methods. Use the Bernstein Study Guide to quiz yourself to check for understanding and then re-study the areas you were weak in.

Review your reading assignment sheet to make sure you can meet all your learning objectives.

Study your flashcards with a friend by quizzing each other.

Decide how many points higher you want to score on this quiz than the last quiz and do what it takes to achieve that goal. Remember you need to be scoring around 80% or better now to build the foundation of knowledge you need for the AP exam.

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chikitin said...

uriel s. 7th per.
I had an early dismissal on Friday when can i take the test.