Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Personality Blog Assignment Due 4/18

Find how you rate on the big 5 (O.C.E.A.N.) personality inventory.

Take this "Big Five" personality inventory and then post your comment on this post about it.

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above the cartoon to take the Big 5 Test.

Write about your results and what you think about them. Was this test accurate or not. Ask someone who knows you what they think and write about their view as well.  Leave your post as "anonymous" but sign it with your FIRST NAME and LAST INITIAL only.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Cantor the results are are the following: In Openness I score 65% which I'm very open to new experiences. In Conscientiousness I score 95% which I'm very organized and people can depend on me. In Extroversion I score 53% I am neither social or reserved. In Agreeableness I score 90% because I am good-natured, courteous, and supportive. Finally, I scored 4% on Neuroticism I very calm in tense situation but not all the time.

My aunt disagree with the results of exctroversion and neuroticism. My aunt I said that this exctoverison result is wrong," You are very social to your and especially your family. As for neuroticism you are a girl who are a person who is very calm and very quite when you want to be.
Isabel M.

Mr. Cantor said...

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Anonymous said...

I think my results were pretty accurate. My results say that I am i am a very well-organized and reliable person. I agree with this because i have been told by various people that i am a reliable person but i am not sure about well-organized i need to work on that(Conscientiousness 64 percentile).

My results also show that i perfer traditional and familiar experiences. In some way this is true ,but i am opened to new exeriences, but food i am very picky with that stuff, if it looks nasty, or it smells funny i dont eat.I dont even bother eating it. (gross) (openness to exeriences/ intellect 16 percentile)

It says that i am either particularly social or reserved, well if i know you really well i can be social with you and talk to you, but if i barely know you i will be reserved with you. (extraversion 48 percentile)

My results state that i tend to consider the feelings of others. This is very true about me, i have been told this many times and if your upset and not feeling your best, my friends come up to me and tell me what is wrong i try to help them with what they need or just give them simple advice. It is kind of fuuny how they call me "there psychologist."(agreeableness 63 percentile)

Lastly my results say that i am particularly not nervous and very calm. Indeed i am a very calm person and i guess it's normal to get nervous before a test a big or presentation, and i do agree with this result. I am very secure with myself, and i am laydback with a harsh situation. (neuroticism 43 percentile)

I asked my mom and she agreed with my results except the whole organized idea. She said "organized! You should take a picture of your room before they gave you that kind of result." otherwise than that she said it matched my personality very well.

Anonymous said...

For the openness i score 88% i say that sounds right . In Conscientiousness i score 52% i say thats right because at times i like to have fun and be carefree. In Extroversion i score 31% stranger danger not really i just dont know what to say to new people .In Agreeableness I score 63% reason more then one way to an answer. last of all neuroticism i score 37% most of the time i dont care. my friend would say im werid . i say my score is about right over all . -Edwin B

Anonymous said...

My results go as following:
Openness to experience/Intellect: 47%
Conscientiousness: 41%
Extraversion: 74%
Agreeableness: 22%
Neuroticism: 55%
I was a bit shocked at my score of openness because of the I probably would describe myself as very open to new experiences, however I wasn’t very shocked at all the other scores. I am not usually a very organized person when it comes to most things, and there are very few aspects in which I like to maintain a higher level of order. I do quite enjoy company, and find it pretty hard to sit in silence for long periods of time which is why the higher level of extraversion did not come as a surprise. I am, or at least can be extremely stubborn at times and I do not like being told and or admitting that I am wrong. The 22 in agreeableness does not shock me and I would have to say that is my most accurate score. As far as neuroticism goes, I tend to be relatively calm so the neutral result is something that I can agree with, despite my low level of agreeableness.

Valerie R

Anonymous said...

In Openness to Experience/Intellect -53%: Partly true. I am very down to earth with narrow interest. Although I am creative in the things that appeal to me
In conscientiousness -64% I am reliable and self disciplined, although I can be negligent.
In Extraversion-12% This was the most accurate score. I am reserved and quiet. I can be friendly to the people close to me
Agreeableness 32% I disagree with this score because although I have a strong character I am never rude or disrespectful.
Neuroticim-55% I am a very relaxed and calm person. I tend to not be nervous very often

---Bryan M.

Anonymous said...

The big five personality gave me the these results:
Openness to Experience/Intellect (Percentile: 35)
Conscientiousness (Percentile: 95)
Extraversion (Percentile: 18)
Agreeableness (Percentile: 94)
Neuroticism (Percentile: 43)
On the openness to experience I had a score of 35% and it said that I am somewhat conventional I am sure that this is true because of the fact that I do follow up with what is the right thing to do rather than following with what is wrong. In conscientiousness I got a score of 95% this one is a very true result I am very organized as long as i don't have a busy schedule and I can be a reliable person that if you tell me if I can do a favor for you and I say yes its a for sure thing that its going to be done. Extraversion was 18% I think this was the less accurate because i don't like to spend quiet time alone a lot I like to be friendly and talk to my friends and spend time with them also. Quiet time for me wouldn't be quiet because i turned on my radio and listen to music. Agreeableness was 94% very true also because of the fact that when my friends need anything I am always there if their going through something I give them support, am very courteous I respect my elders and talk to them in a correct manner. In neuroticism I had a 43% like it said I am not nervous nor calm I agree that I am in between because yes at times I worry but in other times I don't I am relaxed. I ask my mom because she is one of the person's that knows me well and she agrees just like I do that the results is an accurate one. DaisyC

Anonymous said...

I think my results were accurate. My results were that i'm more closed-minded, i'm neither organized or disorganized,i'm more introverted,also i am disagreeable,and calm and relaxed.

My sister agreed with mostly everything, except that i am not calm/relaxed in situations.

Edgar R.

Anonymous said...

My results were pretty accurate, I understand exactly where my personality and I understand that this doesn't exactly say how my personality is. I am Open Minded, I'm organized, I'm Extroverted, I'm Conscientious, I'm Agreeable, and Calm. This pretty much describes me. My Friend Is Close to my personality except he is more disorganized.

My Friend looked over this survey and agreed with it.

Xavier A.

Anonymous said...

I believe my results were very accurate. My results were:
Openness to Experince/Intellect(Percentile 65)
Conscientiousness(Percentile 92)
Extraversion(Percentile 37)
Agreeableness(Percentile 90)
Neuroticism(Percentile 4)
All these pretty much describe me but I don't think the test was accurate since I believe no test can really describe who you really are. When I showed my sister my results she thought my Openness to Experince/ Intellect percent should have been higher but other than that she agreed with my other results.
Odalis C.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!! These are my results for the Personality Test.. (Which, by the way, asked too many personal questions)

Anyway, here are my results:
Openness to Experience/Intellect: 41%
Conscientiousness: 46%
Extraversion: 79%
Agreeableness: 0% !!!!!!
Neuroticism: 37%

So basically, this test was incredibly WRONG... I'm definitely not a mean person who spends their time criticizing people. The fact that I scored a 0% on Agreeableness does not mean that I criticize people, it just means that I generally don't trust people and I dislike working with others, Im not callow at all... Which disagrees with the 79% score of Extraversion because, yes I'm quite social, but I hate the company of others.. Im weird.!!.. The only score I can agree with is with the 37% on Neuroticism since Im usually panicked about certain aspects of my life, but I dont let that panic overcome most of my living habits. Oh, and what's the deal with my 41% on Openness to Experience/Intellect? I'm typically a creative person who like trying out different things... SOOOOO WROOONG!!!!

My sister says:
--- You're not creative like me.!
--- You are very organized, but also very disorganized..
---You're not sociable.. You're only sociable with the people you HAVE to be... Haha.... SO TRUE!!!
---That is soooooo true... you are sooooo rude, you always laugh at people.. yup yup.. cause I do too, but I can hold my laughter...
---Yeahhhh youre calm, youre not that crazy like me...

So yeahhhhhh, that's it.!! :) Have a nice day.!
--------------------Cristelle, O.

Anonymous said...

The results from the test are actually pretty accurate. It says I "typically don't seek out new experiences", which I can agree on, in the 53 percentile. I scored an 83 in conscientiousness. With extraversion I scored a 15; I "probably enjoy spending quiet time alone"- it's when I do all of my psych work! I also scored a 27 on agreeableness and a 49 on neuroticism.
I agree with the results and think even though the test was fairly simply, I believe it does tell something about personality. From the way you answered, or wanted your score to look, you can tell what you think of yourself.
Adam L.

Anonymous said...

This survey doesn't seem reliable to me because I think its impossible to determine someone's personality unless you really know them. I agree with some of the results but the questions are not based on everything about someone's personality.
Openness to Experience/Intellect =70%
I am relatively open to new experiences in reality. This part is very true about me because I do like going to new places and learning new things.
I'm 95 percent conscientious and I am very organized and can be relied upon. This is true about me because I'm determined to get my grades up.
Extraversion=64% I am relatively social and like the company of others. Yes this is true but to a limit whre I dont over do it because there needs to be balance between social life and school work.
Agreeableness=97% because I am a good natured person,courteus,ans supportive. I do like to give advice to my friends so that is true.
Neuritism=14% That i don't really remain calm in certain situations and that is not true at all. I am very calm in all situations even if it involves someone giving me attitude especially at work. Customers may not be very cooperative but I have to give the best customer service. That requires me to stay calm most of the time.

HAve a good night!! :)
Sincerely Gladis B. :)

Anonymous said...

Openness to
Experience/ 1%

Conscientiousness 79%

Extraversion 9%

Agreeableness 94%
Neuroticism 4%
I kinda agree with my results. I sound like me!
Abiagil, G.

Anonymous said...

mr cantor my results were the following 20% conventional which i am very down to earth and have low test scores. 69% reliable and organized which i truthly agree. 48% social or reserved which can be right i could be open minded or shy. what i found funny was 14% some one who like to critizes i dont believe i do but that was the result. finally i got 96% as some one who tends to worry very easily...

Anonymous said...


I believe this exam is accurate in many ways. Neuroticism was very accurate, I get nervous easily, I worry alot and get anxious. Openness too, I don't think much and don't share much as well, and because of that I'm not very creative. Extraversion was another accurate one, I tend to not socialize from people, I get shy. Agreeableness as well too, I tend to critize others. In my opinions this exam was quite accurate.

N.Z 4th Period