Saturday, October 1, 2011

OOPS! Revision to Unit 3 Assignment!

"Thank You" to Daisy for letting me know about a cutting and pasting error I made on the Unit 3 Assignment Sheet. I accidentally mixed up some Unit 3 with some Unit 4 work. Please don't do any Unit 4 work until Unit 4.

The correct assignment is:

Bernstein Study Guide Chapter 3 – Starts on P. 57
1.     Review the chapter based on your reading instructions. 
2.     Key Term Flashcards: All 63 Key Terms
3.     Don’t freak out. I know it’s a lot of flashcards. It will be worth memorizing and understanding the key terms. You will need to review the flashcards before quizzes and exams in class and as you study for the AP exam.
4.     Write out the Fill In The Blank Key Terms Writing out the full sentences will help you to learn the material. After you try to answer all of them check your work. If you get one wrong, write the correct answer with a brief explanation of why it’s correct.
5.     Select one of the “Personal Learning Activities” on P. 72. Do the activity and write a paragraph about what was most interesting or surprising about your experience. 
6.     Do Multiple Choice Sample Quiz 1 (p.73) and then check your answers with the key from page 80. Mark your total correct and be sure to review all questions you didn’t get right.

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