Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quiz on Units 1 and 2 on Monday, Sept. 27th.

Be ready for a multiple choice and written response quiz on Monday the 27th. You should study your notes as well as Bernstein chapters 1 and 2. Use your flashcards and take all the practice quizzes in the Study Guide book. Check your work and see what areas you need to review.

Remember, spreading out your studying is best. In psych terminology this is called "Distributed Practice" which we will learn more about when we study memory. A half hour or an hour each day is much better than cramming the day before. Also research shows that it's best to study and review in a few different places, and to take breaks to do let your mind integrate the material. Do 20 min of psych, then 20 min of physics, and 20 min of lit... then come back to the psych etc.

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