Friday, May 7, 2010

I'll Earn a Five song... to the tune of "I Will Survive."

This AP Psych song was written by AP Psychology teacher Cara Terry. It's a great review of key concepts and people. If you need the tune go to Youtube, iTunes or Amazon. Gloria Gaynor did the classic version, but Cake's version is pretty great too.

(FYI, "Clive" refers to Clive Wearing who has a serious case of anterograde amnesia. He appears to only have STM... about 30 seconds of memory. Absolutely no new LT memories are formed.)

I'll Earn a Five

Thought I was afraid,
And was petrified,
My thinking Schactered all those
feelings that I had inside,
But then I changed the valence of
my emotions for this song
I grew strong,
AP psych had turned me on.
So now I'm here,
Ready to test,
And I know Pavlov’s UCR
And Little Albert’s UCS,
Bandura and his Bobo dolls;
Role-playing, Standford, Dr. Z;
Milgram worked with obedience
Gestalt orders what I see

Cerebellum: Balances me
The limbic system’s
Hippocampus aids in memory
I guess we’ve come a long way since phrenology
I’ve used mnemonics,
Problem-solved heuristically
I know that I
Will earn a five
I know of modes and medians,
And the STM of Clive.
Operate with Piaget;
Reflex: fight or run away;
I’ll earn a five.
I”ll earn a five

Hey, Hey

Superego, ego, id
Brain plasticity
REM, alpha waves
Schema, stranger anxiety
And I’ve spent such a lot of nights
Hoping someday to understand
I used to sigh
But now the test is nigh
And so it’s true
Call me Freud two
I know Festinger and Watson and
Flashbulb memory, too.
And so I feel like standing up
To say to people close to me
That I’m using all my knowledge
I’m no pigeon. I can see …
Chorus: (coda: I will survive and earn a five)

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Violet Gallardo said...

What an amazing song!