Monday, December 21, 2009

Learning Blog Post Assignment : Due Jan 4th, 2010

Use the following links as well as chapter 6 in Bernstein to familiarize yourself with the main learning theorists and then make a blog post describing and comparing two of the theorists and their theories. For example, you could compare Ivan Pavlov and John Watson pointing out how Watson took Pavlov's Classical Conditioning and expanded it into the realm of emotion.

When you write your post on your blog (I hope you remember your password...) please post a comment on THIS POST with the URL of your blog so I can grade it and other students can see what you had to say.

You MUST proofread your blog post before putting it up. Be sure it makes sense and well written. I suggest writing your post in Word or another word processing program and then copying and pasting it into your blog.

Before you start writing please check out each of the links and jot down some notes so you are familiar with each learning theorist.


Reading about Pavlov

Pavlov Game

Zimbardo talks about Pavlov

Pavlov’s dogs get conditioned

Jim conditions Dwight on The Office

John Watson

Little Albert is conditioned to fear furriness


BF Skinner explains operant conditioning

Pigeons playing “ping-pong” thanks to operant conditioning

Using operant conditioning to test to see if pigeons have “concepts” or schemas


Albert Bandura explains his “Bobo doll” aggressiongexperiment

Albert Bandura en EspaƱol - Experimento sobre Agresividad

Observational Learning– “Children see, children do” Commercial

How does reward or punishment affect social learning?

Please e-mail me with any questions.

-Mr. C


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