Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chapter 6 Reading Assignment - Learning

Reading assignments:
Bernstein Text Pp. 193-233 in two parts due 11/24 and 10/1

Notes Check Pp. 193-219 due 11/ 24
Notes Check Pp. 220-233 due 12/1

The study guide assignments are due on 12/1 - see below for details.

Read and take Cornell Notes

1. Skim quickly – pay attention to headings, photos etc.
2. Go back and take your notes.
a. Make sure each heading and subheading is in your notes
b. Make sure you write at least a main idea for each one
c. Make sure all “boxed” definitions are in your notes
d. Draw all important diagrams and label them.
e. Make note of any examples or mnemonics that will help you
3. Carefully read the summary at the end of the chapter and add key information to your notes.

Bernstein Study Guide Chapter 6 Pp. 158 – 171
(Items marked with a ** must be turned in with a full heading – You will be graded for completing and correcting them, not for how many you got right.)

1. Skim outline Pp. 158-162 – Make sure you know underlined terms and that they are in your notes.

2. Review Key Terms Pp. 163- 169 - Note examples and mnemonics

** due 12/ 1
3. On a separate sheet, with your book and notes CLOSED, do the fill-in-the-blanks key terms quiz on Pp. 169. Write the question with your answer. Check your work (P. 182) and write the correct answer for any you got wrong.

4. Review the “Learning Objectives” on Pp. 170-171 – These are good sources for essay questions.

** due 12/1
5. On a separate sheet, with your book and notes CLOSED, do Sample Quiz 1 on Pp. 176-178 and check your answers. For each wrong answer, write the correct answer and be sure the information is in your notes.

Please e-mail me with any questions.

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